The club is under the responsibility of Sylvie FERRUT-CORNILLE, a BEES 2 instructor. She is assited by two certified instructors but can also help experienced riders to get through exams and win riding competitions as well.

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Sylvie Ferrut - Cornille

Director of the center, Instructor state graduate

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Carine Leonardi

Instructor State graduate

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Frédéric TOUTAIN

Instructor State graduate


In our club you can find :

- Outdoor arena 10 m x 40 m
- Outdoor arena 40m x 60 m
- Indoor arena 20 m x 40 m
- Indoor arena 12 m x 30 m
- Cross course
- Fields : 20 hectares
- 10 stables
- Private box stall boarding
- Two saddlery "club"
- One private saddlery for owners
- A club house
- Safety vests  for kids and adult, C.SO and Cross


The riding center can provide accomodation to 30 riders. We welcome children and teenagers during the school-holidays (except Chrismas Holidays). We welcome grown ups every week-end (exept during school- holidays). The center can provide fullmeals but also a well equipped kitchen, a dining room a lounge with TV and DVD equipment.

School trips, discovery field trips

We can welcome your school trips for 30 children. The club has received the agreement of the "DASS", "l'Inspection Académique" and "la Direction Départementale de la Jeunesse et du Sport". All sort of visits can be planned: D.Day beaches-Museums-War Memorials-QUeen Mathilda6The Bayeux tapistry-etc